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Welcome to

Internet Marketing Ltd

Established in 1995, Internet Marketing Ltd was founded by pioneers in the marketing realm, The Marketing Guild Ltd. Internet Marketing Web Design Leeds are well positioned to provide web design and seo services to business in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire.

If you are looking for fresh-thinking Web Designers in Leeds, here's why our Web Design Company, is not "just another web development and search engine optimisation company".

The foundation of our business is Strategic Marketing Consultancy. Unlike the majority of pure Web Design and SEO companies, we understand every area of marketing, including the very important, but often forgotten, psychology behind your customer's purchase decisions.

So what does this mean to you?

When you invest in a search engine optimisation strategy from Internet Marketing Web Design Leeds, you won't get your website optimised against keywords that are just picked out from the air. We use our own, unique, 5 step keyword diagnostic, analysis and selection process. We work with you to understand your business, your target market, your uniqueness and choose keywords that truly connect with your prospects.

When we create you a web design, you won't just get a glitzy, feel-good design from us that looks great but means nothing to your customer. You get a web design that attracts your customer, that connects with your customer, that guides your customer through their decision making process, a web design that leads to new business, not just to new awareness.

What's more, together we will devise enquiry-generating mechanisms to position on your website to ensure that your new visitors are encouraged to leave you their contact details, not just to browse unnoticed through your content pages.

Put our Web Designers in Leeds to the test today...

Choose Internet Marketing Web Design Leeds - your trusted web designers in Leeds and benefit at once from a full range of pay monthly web design and search engine optimisation services you can trust.

The Safe 6™

The Internet Marketing Promise

  1. 24/7, 365 Technical Support
    We will be available to answer any technical issues when YOU need us.
  2. 100% Customer Focus
    Our aim is to create an online strategy for YOU that meets YOUR unique needs and increases YOUR profitability
  3. Service-Level Guarantee
    We set targets for our search engine optimisation solutions and, in the unlikely event that we don't meet them, we guarantee to work for you for free until we do.
  4. Detailed Diagnostic & Analysis
    You will enjoy in-depth guidance from start to finish to ensure YOU achieve the results YOU are looking for.
  5. Complete Honesty & Integrity
    We will never sell you a solution you don't need, nor will we ever deliver a solution that is not 100% right for YOU.
  6. Commitment to Development
    We will continue to develop our skills to ensure the advice you gain from us remains "cutting-edge" - at all times

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